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Bhopal Gynecological Clinic

  • Creation of a gynecological clinic in Bhopal

  • Objective: Give underprivileged women victims of history's greatest industrial disaster a chance to receive medical treatment

Satinath Sarangi, 46, left, meets with supporter and Spanish writer Xavier Moro, upper right. Satinath is the managing trustee of the Sambhavna Trust with which City of Joy Aid has decided to join hands. For the last 14 years, Satinath has been active in medical care, research efforts, publication initiatives, and solidarity campaigns on the gas disaster.

History's worst industrial disaster, the gas leak of Union Carbide's pesticide plant, occurred in the Indian city of Bhopal in 1984, causing 10,000 deaths and over 200,000 casualties. Thousands of women of all ages still suffer today from serious and painful medical disorders related to the poisonous gas. Hospitals routinely turn these women away without giving them adequate treatment.

City of Joy Aid decided to support a local NGO named Sambhavna Trust to create a gynecological clinic for the detection and treatment of the various afflictions, among which cervical cancer is most prevalent.