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The children at the Resurrection Home are educated while being cured of leprosy.

Buy a Book and Support the Children

Something as simple and pleasurable as the purchase of a book can help an underprivileged child escape his poverty. Half the royalties from the four featured books below go directly to India's most impoverished. If you buy the books using the links on this web site, City of Joy Aid receives an additional sales commission that will further help the children of Calcutta.

Even if you do not wish to purchase the books below, you can benefit this worthy cause by returning to this site and using this link to
The City
of Joy

City of Joy
Five Past Midnight in Bhopal
Five Past Midnight in Bhopal
Beyond Love
Beyond Love
A Thousand Suns
A Thousand Suns
"A lesson of hope and faith for the world" --Pope John Paul II "Investigative journalism at its best" --Sebastian Junger, Author of A Perfect Storm "Riveting...and grippingly written" --Kirkus "Extraordinary and deeply moving" --Publishers Weekly

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Immediately Available
City of Joy: The Illustrated Story of the Film (hardcover)
City of Joy: The Illustrated Story of the Film (paperback)
A Thousand Suns (paperback)
O Jerusalem

On Order
Freedom at Midnight (hardcover)
Freedom at Midnight (paperback)
Freedom at Midnight (audio cassette)
Is Paris Burning?
Is Paris Burning? (audio cassette)