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Belari Center

A Thousand Suns
This page contains excerpts from A Thousand Suns. Half of the royalties of this book go directly to the children of Calcutta.

« City of Joy Aid assumes financial responsibility for the rural treatment center in Belari serving more than 90,000 patients a year from hamlets devoid of any medical aid.

The Lapierres with Shukesi, who runs the Belari dispensary in the heart of impoverished Bengal: In the past ten years, the facility has treated and cured more than 4 million patients.

The center's children, originally from the very poor villages in the Belari region, fifty miles from Calcutta, are now cared for, fed, dressed and educated thanks to Shukesi, an admirable young nurse whose dispensary treats six hundred sick and injured people every day.

The smiles that bring a luminous beauty and happiness to the drabness of the setting are proof that there is a way out of crippling poverty. Tomorrow these children will learn a trade. Then they in their turn will be able to help their families. It may well be but a drop in the ocean of need, but as Mother Teresa often said, the ocean is made up of "drops of water". »