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Curing and Educating Budi Ram

A Thousand Suns
This page is an excerpt from Chapter 15 of A Thousand Suns. Half of the royalties of this book go directly to the children of Calcutta.

« At the back of a hovel where several families lived crowded together, James Stevens had noticed a boy of about ten, dressed in rags. He was living with his mother, a poor widow who had no fingers and whose face had been eaten away by leprosy. He already had a few lesions on his skin. The Englishman gave the wretched woman to understand that he wanted to take care of her son and treat him. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say: "He'll never stay with you!"

Stevens learned from neighbors that the child was a proper little savage who would sometimes disappear for months on end. To everyone's surprise, he agreed to go off with the Englishman and so became the first occupant of the "Resurrection" home. His name was Budi Ram. In a matter of months he learned to read and write, and became one of the most gifted pupils in the car mechanic workshop.


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He was so capable that his benefactor sent him to round off his apprenticeship at a highly respected technical school in the Punjab. When he graduated, he was immediately snapped up by the Escort tractor firm to supervise the execution of an important contract in Nepal. With his first savings, Budi Ram bought a plot of land in the countryside near Calcutta and built a house there for his mother to live in. She would never again have to shake her begging bowl on the platforms of the nearby station. »